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Dstroy II

The game Dstroy, is back, 25 years later. · By Fully Bugged


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New build (September 2020 - V0.5)
Hello Boodies and Boodettes ! <3 The time has come for a new release! This time, even if it does not seem like a lot has changed, many preparations were made...
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New build (April 2020 - V0.4)
Hey Boodies and Boodettes ! <3 Well, it's always tough to make a public build, because instead of creating new features, bugs, and moving forward blindly and...
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New build (November 2019 - V0.3)
Hey Boodies and Boodettes ! <3 After a few weeks of delay (we originally aimed for this build to be released end of September), our latest stable build is final...
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2nd build (July 2019 - V0.2)
Here is a new build to start July, and before our vacations away from our computer. We hope to make the next big build (so normally 0.3) around End of September...
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1st public build (pre-alpha)
Hello guys! Today we're launching the 1st public playable build of Dstroy 2 , a project we started around a year ago (our first commit was March 31th 2018), and...
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