A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Dstroy 2 is a bomberman arcade game prototype (It reached alpha since version 0.5, Beta will be reached at 0.9),  playable from 1 to 4 players on the same screen.
It will have two modes,  Adventures (solo or coop) and Tournaments (Vs 2 to 4 players). For now we're mostly working on the local Tournament parts, and a Survival mode to tests ideas too.

The prototype is available for free.  We will try to release a new version once every three/four months. A Linux build is available since version 0.3. We might try to do a MacOS version at some point, but it's not free neither convenient,  so we will see later about it.

If a final game version is one day release, we're aiming for a "free to play + donation" approach, so  the maximum of players can still enjoy the game, while being able to help us if they can or want to. But that might change too. We're not there yet anyway!

An online mode might only be consider if the game/ prototype get enough attention from enough players. Until then, we recommend to use Parsec to play online: It allows you to play Online to Local Multiplayer games easily with your Friends!

The menus are available in Six languages already! Contact us if you wish to help and add yours. You'll get your name in the credits.

On top of the Itch.io forum we created belloq, you can interact with us on Discord, plus the classics Mastodon, Twitter, Diaspora and Facebook (Fully bUgged or Dstroy 2 page), 

2021 - All rights reserved to Fully Bugged.
This game is powered by the awesome Open-Source, Orx Engine.


Dstroy2-v0.6.1.0-Setup.exe 32 MB
Dstroy2-v0.6.1.0-x86_64.AppImage 28 MB

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