New build (03-2022 - V0.7)

Hello, Boodies Boodettes!

Yes, it took us one year to make a new release... crazy how time fly! We were confident we would release a new build last fall around October, but life events and things to improve were too important for us to be close to this time frame. But even if slow or silent (not that silent on few social media if you really wish to follow though), we are moving forward and this new version is a definitive step up compare to our previous one.

So what's new in this version (in general) ?

  • Full New pixel art Menu.
  • Completely new Survival mode.
  • Main music in the menu and few first game sounds.
  • Root, Classic and Paint Tournaments in Beta quality.
  • Beautiful characters reflection on some tiles or paint.  
  • ... and many, many other smaller changes with probably a few new BUGS as well. Please let us know about them! Any kind of feedback is welcome!

What comes next ? We're expecting to move forward to 0.8 and hope this time for a release around September (haha) with more music, SFX and sound design, polish on some graphics and animations, less bugs, some gameplay balancing and improvements, etc... <3,

Until then, don't hesitate to reach us and send us any feedback on our forum below, or on our Discord server. Follow us there to be sure to be notified of future updates.



Dstroy2-v0.7.0.0-Setup.exe 52 MB
Mar 05, 2022
Dstroy2-v0.7.0.0-x86_64.AppImage 37 MB
Mar 05, 2022

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Hi ! Thanks for the Linux version. Could you add "soon" an option to remove screen shakes and flashes ? Cheers

Good idea, we will !