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Dark Age

This is the winner of Techland's "Spring 2017 GameJam".

GameJam's Theme : Ciemnogród (pejorative term coined by Stanislaw Kostka Potocki to identify people with a conservative worldview).

You're in a village during Medieval time, ignorance and illiteracy prevailed! Earth is of course flat and any new ideas are forbidden. You are one of a kind and you picked up a dreaded book that started to open your eyes. But everyone now, wants to beat you to death for trying to leave the herd. Run as long as you can, pick up books during your escape and use their power to escape the growing crowd that is chasing you!

We recommend you to play to this game with a Joypad.


  • Łukasz Burdka
  • Mateusz Delikat
  • Bogdan Graczyk
  • Nicolas Riviere

Done in 48h on Unity, between May 27 and May 29. 


DarkAge.zip 18 MB


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Really nice music. Above it says joypad is recommended... but if you don't have one, what are the alternative keyboard controls?

Yes, Keyboard Controls (WASD( or UDLR-Arrows ) + Spacebar)

Yep was my fault. All working. Great game, very tough and I really like the art style.