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I played this game as part of our ongoing It's NAP Time series! Really fun little game and addictive too! Definitely one I'll continue to play in the future! :D

Awesome! We're happy you enjoyed playing the game :).
And great video too, We will spread it out around in our Social medias!

I got the game with the bundle and really enjoyed it! Manouvering cells around is fun and the puzzle aspect have some depth that made you think fast.

Would be really nice to have online highscores for it :)

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Thx so much.

We added online score when we had a service allowing us to do so 'easily'. So the Android (with Google play) and Steam version have it.
This version without any DRM or mandatory account  unfortunately is not, but you're right, it's part of the fun to compare your high score with your friends, or the world.

Yeah, I know it's a bit more tricky when it comes to DRM-Free version & without any Tools available. Anyhow, still fun!